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Stocking Stuffers for 1 Year Olds

It’s that time wonderful time of year and your baby just turned 1. So now it is time to scour the internet for gifts for your 1-year-old. You can’t forget the stocking, though. So what do you put in a 1-year-old’s stocking? Check our list of stocking stuffers for 1-year-old’s.

First a piece of advice: Put toys in the stocking unboxed. 1-year-old’s may not understand the anticipation of the holidays and receiving gifts. They may not even have the capabilities, yet, to tear open wrapping paper. So get them excited by making their new toys ready to play with.

Musical Instrument

Toddlers love to make noise. A small instrument like maracas, an egg shaker, or bells are the perfect size to fit in a stocking.


Splash Ball

Balls are always fun. The kind that fit in the stocking are splash balls. Splash balls are small balls that absorb water and, when thrown against a hard surface, will splash everywhere. These are especially fun in the summer and during bath time. I do not suggest a small bean bag ball. 1-year-old’s may still like to put things in their mouth and chew on them. If the bean bag ball breaks then the stuffing may be hazardous to them.

Small stuffed animal or baby doll

These are great gift to have stick out the top of the stocking, like the perfect stocking stuffer topping.


Cars and Trains

Get these small enough to fit in the stocking but big enough that they don’t choke on it if they put it in their mouth.


Board book

Small books are a great gift and necessary for development. A child can never have too many books. Board books are small and durable and the perfect gift for a 1-year-old’s stocking.

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I know kids don’t usually want a toothbrush for Christmas but that may not be true for a 1-year-old. Our girls only have 8 teeth and they like the idea of us brushing their teeth but once we start they try to bite it. We want to give them a toothbrush in their stocking. One that they could bite on and practice with themselves.




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