How To Start A Free Blog

Want to know how to start a free blog? That answer is easy. They give you all the tools you need to start your blog for free! Including a free domain and training. They have a great community that helps you with all your questions and motivates you to succeed.

So if you want to start a free blog, start right now by clicking the banner below. Now let’s talk about the reasons to start a blog and how Wealthy Affiliate can help you with that.

Why Should I Start A Free Blog?

Helping others is the number one reason to start a blog. There is some knowledge you have that could help someone that is searching for the answers you have to give. Whether you gained that knowledge through experience or formal education you can help someone in need.

We use our blog, which is the site your on now, to talk to other parents about the things we’ve experienced in our twin pregnancy and parenting twins in hopes to help them if they are going through the same experiences.

Income is a bonus for starting a blog. You could run affiliate ads on your site and if your visitors choose to click on them and buy through your links then you would earn a small percentage of that sale. Affiliate ads are ads that you post on your site after you have partnered with a company.

The ads you see on the side of this page are my affiliates. I also use affiliate links in my product reviews and promotions.

This is a good way to earn a supplemental income. Some people succeed so well that they can run their blog site full time.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

Free Training makes Wealthy Affiliate the perfect place to start your free blog. When you sign up with them you can get started right away in their beginner training courses that walks you through all the steps of creating a website and content for your blog.

2 free websites is offered to you by Wealthy Affiliate on their siterubix platform. No need to purchase your own.

No niche needed to start your free blog site. If you can’t think of a particular niche that you can offer help in, no worries. Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate bootcamp training that teaches you how to blog about blogging and affiliates. With their free membership you get the first phase free.

Try before you buy! The starter membership is free to all and really offers all that you need to get started and breaks down the whole blogging and affiliate world. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to provide you all the support you need. They offer a premium membership for $50 a month that gives you more support for your questions and your website but it is not a requirement nor is a credit card needed to sign up.

I got started with Wealthy Affiliate and decided to upgrade a month after beginning. The community is the greatest thing, in my opinion, that they have to offer. The other Wealthy Affiliate members have great advice and expertise and have helped me through all the troubles I’ve come across while starting up and learning.

This is not a scam. It is completely free to get started. Try it today, no risks. Tell them Shaina sent you 😉

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