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9 Must-Have Items for New Moms

What are your must-have items for newborns? Being a mom of twins and having survived my first year, I get asked this a lot. Even though I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m no expert, there are some items that made my life a tad bit easier. Let’s face it, raising twins isn’t easy. I hope you find the items on this list of 9 must-have items for new moms as helpful as we did .

1 Rock’n Play

rock an play portable bassinet

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I must admit that I do not own one of these, but you will here many moms suggest it as a life saver. Whenever a new mom asks “what items do you suggest for me,” all the support groups I’ve joined will chime in with “Rock’n Play,” many many many times. It is the number one item most moms suggest.

The Rock’n Play is a bassinet sleeper that rocks by itself. So, no sitting there rocking it with your foot all night long. Also, no baby crying when you stop because you thought he was asleep. It is also slightly inclined which is great for babies with reflux.
I didn’t own one but I wish I did. My daughter has bad reflux. At 1-year-old she is back on medication because she throws up and stops eating when she is uncomfortable.

2 Swaddles

When you see your baby in the hospital they’ll have her wrapped all snug in a receiving blanket. This is a neat maneuver that you DON’T have to learn. I drove myself nuts trying to figure out how to swaddle my girls in a receiving blanket.

halo wearable blanket and swaddle baby swaddle

My one daughter was born with a sensitive startle reflex. Every time she flinched, her arms shot up and she screamed. We found out that keeping her swaddled helped keep her calmer.
Lucky for us we found these swaddles that made it so much easier to get a nice snug wrap and keep them warm.

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3 Gripe Water

If you have a fussy baby then you’re going to have at least one mom telling you to try gripe water. Research has taught us parents that most of the time the fussiness that we cannot seem to help, is caused by tummy troubles. Gripe water has natural ingredients, including ginger, chamomile, and cardamom, which have been known to calm and heal. It also has a sweet taste that make it easier for babies to take.
Gripe water is good to use for fussiness, colic, hiccups, and gas.

mommy's bliss gripe water for stomach discomfort

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4 Probiotic

This is another product that can help ease tummy troubles and gas. I swore by this with my girls. One of my girls was so fussy, not quite colicky though. A lot of parents recommended either gripe water or probiotic drops. I decided to go with a probiotic since I knew how much it helped me with my tummy troubles.
Colic and fussiness is rumored to be caused by problems the digestive system. Probiotics drops help improve the amount of good bacteria in the digestive system. This eases tummy troubles that contribute to colic and fussiness.

mommy's bliss probiotic drops gerber soothe probiotic colic drops non gmo

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5 A Boogie Sucker/ Bulb Syringe

I’m not talking about the old bulb syringes which the hospitals still give out today. I’m talking about the new design that includes a tube that you can actually suck on to suck boogies out. You control the air pressure used to suck the snot out.

neil med nasal aspirator

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Bulb syringes are known to get dangerously dirty on the inside. They are nearly impossible to thoroughly clean. These new models are easy to take apart to clean or replace parts. Don’t worry about getting anything in your mouth either. They come with a filter, to make sure nothing gets up the tube but air.
These are amazing when your baby is congested. A couple shots of saline spray afterwards and they’ll be breathing better.

6 Thermometer

Thermometers are essential. All babies get sick. That is not a bad thing because it helps teach their bodies to fight germs and bacteria. But you want to know when a fever develops and keep track of your baby’s temperature. If it gets dangerously high then you’ll need to take a trip to the doctor or hospital.
There are a few options for taking temperatures. Some thermometers are designed to be used in the butt. I’ve been told this gives the most accurate reading. There are thermometers to stick under the tongue but that is not recommended for babies. It can be difficult to get the baby to cooperate long enough to get an accurate reading.
There are thermometers that can take temperature through the ear. These are quick and painless but are recommended for babies over 12 months old. The forehead thermometer is easy to use and gives an accurate reading. There are also pacifier thermometers. This may seem like an ideal way to take your baby’s temperature but their accuracy is not the best.

exergen temporal thermometer kinsa ear thermometer with app
Check out this article on Mom Tricks before you select the right thermometer for you.

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7 Aquaphor

This is a specific brand for a common problem with a lot of options for treatment. Aquaphor is a healing ointment. It feels like Vaseline. You can use it for many of your baby’s skin issues but the most common use is for diaper rash. It is amazing in healing it.

aquaphor healing ointment for diaper rash

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Once you notice some redness down there, put a small layer of the ointment on after cleaning the area and then put the diaper on. The next diaper change you will see that the rash is almost gone. I really love this over Desitin. Desitin is a good option but it takes so much longer to heal the rash and it is much messier.

8 Nail Frida Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are a must for all babies. Their nails grow rapidly. Their lack of control over their arms causes them to scratch themselves often, and soon they’ll start scratching you too.
Nail Frida nail clippers are the greatest nail clippers for babies. They don’t have a harsh clip but a gentle scissor action. It also has a peek-a-boo window so you can see how far the nail is in and make sure you don’t get the skin.

fridababy nailfrida snipper clipper baby nail clippers

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9 Bottles That Reduce Air Bubbles

Babies get gassy, that’s a fact. That gas can and will make the baby fussy. Believe me, you’re going to be doing everything you can to reduce those gas pains. If you bottle-feed then it is more likely that the baby will swallow air, causing gas. I suggest buying bottles that are designed to reduce the amount of air taken in when drinking.dr. brown's bottle for reducing gas

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My favorite is the Dr. Brown’s. It worked really well. It is designed to take the air at the top of the bottle, while baby is drinking, and move it to the bottom. But, there are a few more parts to clean with this bottle and it will include its on pipe cleaner to help.

Let us know what your must-haves were in the comments below!


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4 thoughts on “9 Must-Have Items for New Moms

  1. Good idea Garen…even if the oils are used just for mom’s relaxation. I’d also like to add a bottle of wine for Mom. If Mom is well, everyone is well. LOL @boogiesucker!

  2. These are some great ideas.  Some of them which I never really thought about.    My girl friend is about to have a baby so she will be a mom in a couple of months.  So, I am researching some things she might need.  A thermometer is a good idea.  However, I see that you view your thermometer on your phone.  At least the reading.  Surely, that isn’t just an app, though.  Does it integrate with one of the thermometer products?

    But, I have thought of something else, too.  However, what about something natural for stress?  For example, maybe some essential oils.  They could be diffused to help unwind.  But the only problem is I have heard some of them are not safe for infants, so maybe it’s not a good idea.

    1. Thanks Garen. I hope you find our list useful. I like your idea about something natural to help with stress. While I’m not sure if rubbing essential oils on an infant is safe, I do know that aromatherapy is used to help calm babies. This is the reason they put lavender scents in baby wash, to help calm them before bed. Im sure you could put a little lavender in the room to help your baby stay stress free. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

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