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Hair Loss Postpartum

Pregnant with twins? Your glow is twice as beautiful and your gorgeous locks are fuller and stronger than ever. Bask in these moments. Really, enjoy every great moment of pregnancy.

After giving birth your body has to go through a lot of adjusting. It will try to return to its normal rhythm before pregnancy. You’ll have postpartum bleeding that could last for weeks and have you feeling like adult diapers is your only option. I bled for 3 months! 3 MONTHS! For the first 2 weeks I wore pads that looked like boats.

Hormonal adjustments can intensify emotions and contribute to postpartum depression.

Then there is the hair loss postpartum. So much of my hair fell out that our carpet looked like it had tumbleweeds. I was so worried that I googled “postpartum alopecia.”

When my hair was growing back it stuck straight up. I felt like I looked like Cynthia, Angelica’s doll from Rugrats.

It didn’t really look as bad as it sounds or felt, lol.



What happens to hair during pregnancy?

Normally hair goes through 3 stages: growth, intermediate, and shedding. During pregnancy, high levels of estrogen slow down the intermediate and shedding stage, making the growth stage longer. So hair is growing but none is falling out. This makes your hair feel thick and full during pregnancy.

I loved my long tresses during pregnancy. It made me feel so beautiful, which was great since most days I felt tired and sick and had no energy for makeup. I only got my hair cut before the babies’ arrival because I knew I would have my hands full with them and no time to do my hair.

What happens to hair after pregnancy?

After pregnancy, your estrogen levels start to return to normal and the hair strands that were stuck in the end phases of the hair cycle will complete their journey and fall out. So it’s not that you’re suddenly losing all of your hair, it’s just that your hair stopped shedding and now it needs to resume.

Still, you’ll be losing, what seems like, a lot of hair in a short period of time. This is a scary thing to go through. I assure you it will go grow back. but it is a timely process. Like I mentioned above, our carpet looked like it had tumbleweeds and the new growth on my head was sticking straight  up.

Careful note: One of our daughters got a hair strand stuck around her finger causing a hair tourniquet. Be careful and check your littles for any loose strands that may be cutting off their circulation, especially around the fingers, toes, and genitals.

Mrunal, from, suggests using tweezers to grab the strand and scissors to cut it. If that doesn’t work, other methods include stretching the skin and using a piece of scotch tape to lift the hair and then cut it, and soaking the affected area in warm to loosen the strand and then removing it.

If you can’t get the hair removed fast enough, don’t know if you removed the hair, or think your baby is still in pain then please take him or her, or them, to the emergency room. Hair tourniquets can cause a lot of pain and damage.

Healthy Hair Tips

I’m no hair or beauty expert but instead of worrying about your hair falling out that energy could go into creating healthy hair. Here are some tips I found on the internet:

  • Drink plenty of water, at least 8 cups
  • Continue your prenatal vitamins, or take a hair, skin, and nails vitamin daily
  • Eat foods with vitamin C, iron, and plenty of leafy greens.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours and avoid stress
  • Do exercise to increase circulation
  • Use a deep conditioner once a week
  • Don’t wrap the hair tight, Do protect it from heat
  • Give yourself a scalp massage weekly
  • Trim your ends regularly

Good luck mommas and don’t freak out. Share your story with us in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Hair Loss Postpartum

    1. Thanks Christina for checking out the article and also for giving a platform for mothers to connect. My postpartum hair loss was so hard on me. I was so used to having long thick hair and, like you said, during pregnancy it looked so beautiful. But as it started falling out it felt like it would never end. The tub always clogged, hairballs on the carpet, and constant worry about hair tourniquets on the girls’ fingers, which happened a few times. It was hard to experience. I want other moms to feel as scared and unsure as I was. I want them to know the things they may experience and that they are not alone and will make it through it.

  1. Great site! And how helpful. I was a single father. I cared for my daughter’s hair. She has beautiful sandy blond mixed girl hair. It grows like a weed, and sadly, she now keeps it short. I like it better natural (curly golden locks) and long. Sadly, she has epilepsy and it seems that any change in her hormones causes an allergic reaction. She’s in child-rearing years and nervous about having children. I going to suggest she tries your method of trying to regulate her hormones by ingesting more vitamin C, and maybe, and Chlorophyll supplement. This is a very helpful site because the young mother can find a helpful aid that answers the question many will have.  Do you know about mothers with epilepsy?

    1. Hi Rick. I’m glad you found it helpful and I hope it helps your daughter. I am not familiar with daughters with epilepsy. My aunt has epilepsy and it has changed her life in a big way. Your daughter sounds like she has a great support system and motivational team. That is very important in life.

  2. Hello, there!

    I don’t have children, but I know I will in the future, so I think it’s very important to be informed first.

    I’ve heard a lot of dramatic stories about post-pregnancy and, honestly, I’m so happy to find out that all those “horrible” things that happen with your body are only for a while.

    I’m still a little scaried of pregnancy, but the way you talk about it, makes me remember that in the end it is the most beautiful thing that exist on earth: feel how another human being is growing inside you! This must be priceless!

    I will save this website, because I see you have good and useful content here!Thank you!

    1. Pregnancy varies from person to person. That’s why there are so many helpful sites, everyone has something different to offer. I hope that when you do experience you love it! And yes, remember, It is all temporary.

  3. Hi Shaina, 

    Your post made me laugh! 🙂 This reminded me of the pregnancy of my wife two years ago, and yes, she lost a lot of hair! I remember how many times I had to unblock the bath drain because of the hair that was stuck in it. I had to use a professional drain stuff at the end since it was overflowing too much. lol. She had some worries also but looked on the web and it was related to post-partum pregnancy! All the best for you and your twins. Alvaro

    1. Thanks Alvaro. I can definitely relate to the plumbing problems lol. We had to have maintenance come out a couple times to snake the drains and he suggested I stop brushing my hair over the sink. I used to just wash it down the drain. I was terrified so I can only imagine your wife’s fear. Im glad we can look back it with laughter.

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