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Baby Shower Registry Checklist for Twins

You’re expecting twins! This is a wonderful and unique feeling. Not every woman gets the opportunity to carry more than one child at a time. Their arrival can seem so far away when you are pregnant but it will be here in no time and you’ll want to be prepared. But if you are a first time parent or a first time parent of twins then you may not know where to start.

Download our free printable baby shower registry checklist for twins to get started!

I’ve been there and I know other twin parents who encountered the same issue. I could not wait to celebrate the arrival of our twin girls but I had no idea what to put on my registry.

I got so excited and planned my own baby shower. I know that’s not how it’s supposed to go but I was determined and I had a vision in mind I wanted nobody to screw up. One of few things I was anal about. I wasn’t even that srupulous about my wedding.

Back to the registry. I registered at Target, which I love, and put a few necessities. I had it in my mind that all my loved ones were these awesome thoughtful people and they would give gifts that I hadn’t registered for because they knew what I would need.

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I was wrong! I realized that sometimes you have to tell people what to buy and a baby shower registry is the perfect way to.

I love to be surprised with awesome gifts but in my experience it barely happens. At least with a registry you get exactly what you want.

So my registry checklist is a basic outline of what you will need. You get to decide the brands and designs and where you will register.

If you are pregnant with twins then I suggest the sooner you register the better. Twins usually deliver early so you’ll want to be prepared.

I was due November 11th. I had our baby shower September 2nd and delivered October 17th. We were a month early due to a condition I encountered call obstetric cholestasis.

Some items you may need 2 of and some you can just let them take turns. There are also some cool things out there made just for twins you may want to ask for.

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Check out some of the items that are on the checklist for an idea of what you are in for:













Baby Gear


Health and Beauty


Other Baby Care



Do you have any ideas to add to the list? What are some of your necessities as a parent? Let us know in the comments below.

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